The project that came about when I realized I could not take photos without alcohol or my Leica M3, both of which were gone. Trying to come to grips with leaving photography forever I hear news of the Leica M10, and think,"if I could get my hands on that I might feel the same way I did with my M3, but how could I earn that kind of money?". Maybe, I would only have to prove that I still. have the potential to make great work?


Under a different title as to avoid the attention of those who tried to take my work, my reputation, and my optimism. They did take all three but I got my work back and now they will never make another cent off me . The images are of the unfortunate ones who attempt to make a life in the storm drains of Las Vegas. If you are not a close minded fool you will know what kinds of people these are, all kinds. These are simply more reminders that at any moment ones world can change. Time and space don't care, and your sadness will not disappear when the lights go out, and bright neon wont enhance your happiness either.


The title is nearly borrowed. This is a long, old story that changes depending on who is telling it, and these images will create a wide spectrum of emotional responses from those who remember when the American Dream was more than a phrase used ironically.





1235 Gonna Write a Letter? Really?.

Las Vegas, NV 89104

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