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CONTACT                                                                    DANIELMOLLOHANPHOTOGRAPHY

If you don't like filling out forms for fear of ending up on unwanted mailing lists (which you won't on my site for now but who knows how desperate I'll get) or having some asshole trillionaire sell your information to who knows who for thirty-five cents ( he needs another trillion dollars to maybe someday think about giving his employees a living wage, health insurance, or just the safe working conditions that law requires of him, but most likely to buy another island or to destroy some dreams) then you can email me directly at DANIELMOLLOHANPHOTOGRAPHY@GMAIL.COM

Or, fill out the form below, and help me develop a contact list for my newsletter.

Also, you could donate to support an artist directly without the middle man of a non-profit taking a bite, purchase a print, and/or use my services. Lots of choices.

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