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New Work
In Nine Acts

I hope I did not lose anyone between my HOME page and here.


I have posted several galleries. Due to, I don’t know, sleep deprivation, a wanting to just get this site up, and not due to my indecisive nature or my delusions of grandeur as I do not have those.


The galleries are separated mostly by the time of day, the location, and some are also separated by the number of humans in the scene. Why? I don’t know, okay? Some things just are, I guess.

Or, it is because I am still looking for something that needs to be found, I am still figuring this out on my end. 

This battle between my conscious mind and subconscious is normal. Sometimes it is less a battle and more of a dance, and other times its medieval, brutal, savage and primordial. Ugly? Maybe, but necessary. 


I am an artist, and in no pretentious way. All I mean is to say I do this because its who I am, and I both need to and want to make these. For me and for you and for everyone else. These are not mere decorations, and are not meant to be conventionally beautiful. Thats boring and the world has enough and too. f that. Plus, how difficult is it to take a beautiful thing and from it get a beautiful thing?


So, actually, look at these.


I believe in you more than you know.


Keep looking. It will hit you.


You’ll know it when you feel a warm tear run down your cheek.


You won’t know why.


, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach will feel like home used to


-familiar and strange.


An old friend, a lost love, a fleeting moment you happened to miss but should not have.


These could be your redemption- our redemption.


No more green grass daydreams and no more distant past perfect memories.


Maybe we will learn that everything is a lie but the present. The only truth is gone before you realized it arrived, or, in other words, calm down and be quiet for a second or you’ll miss the god damn show.

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