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The Work

     Before you jump into my work I wanted to offer a few words on the work titled New Work as it is not specifically about a singular thing, but due to the time and the place these were created there could arise a bit of confusion.


To begin, these photos were created in Las Vegas between the begining of the Covid Crisis and the present. I did not intend for this to be a project about Las Vegas or the Pandemic, however. I happen to live in Las Vegas, and even if there was no pandemic, I am too poor to travel. Basically, this is just where I live and right now just happens to be right now.


If you wish to learn more about me, and what makes me tick then follow the links and my blog will supply more information than you could ever need, or it will eventually. On to my work, though.


These images are for you to examine, for you to arrive at your own meaning. I guess that’s why I use unposed reality as my subject, and why each image must be aesthetically interesting. I am not trying to create perfect compositions. That is what paintings are for, but I do need the viewer to enjoy what’s in front of them so they will spend time with the image.

Like most artists I am unable to remove myself, my experiences, my influences from these images completely and I wouldn’t want to, but not due to a need for the viewer to acknowledge the creator, or to learn any specifics about him(me). That isn’t what I care about.


While it is hard for me to ignore the vast minutia which makes up much of my work- that holds the puzzles that once solved award each with a prize unique to them and unknown to me- in order to "make sense" of my work or to give those who need such things a digestive aid I will address the whole of my most recent work (and to some degree my past work) and say simply that what I do care about is that the individual viewer does acknowledge, even if for a split second,  something other than their own self; that they lay down the ego for a moment.  


They need to look at these images and try to imagine what it must be like for other people, to practice empathy. For those who are severely empathetic, this will occur as if reflexive, but for others, it may be difficult. The point is that it should not be difficult for anyone, but it will and that needs to be corrected.  Of course, if there is a load of other shit people take away from these, and there should be, then great, but for now, with these, I will be fine with a bit of empathy.

On Funding



     I wish making these photographs, in the way which I do, was simply my hobby, but it is not. I am glad, though,, that the unfortunate fact that my life depends on my success in this venture means my mortality is something I can come to control totally. It's fair to say that the art of photography is an all-consuming activity. It's my life entirely. I believe this even though I spend more time doing anything but photography. That is to say, I hardly have a chance to live my life. I’ll most likely spend the rest of my life toiling at the meaningless with the hope I’ll eventually be able to do this one thing that allows me to feel alive, and I am willing to try. However, I am no fool, and wouldn’t it be foolish if I did not also try to figure out other avenues that might allow me to realize this ironic dream to be alive sooner?


I realize this may seem a bit forward, or an odd way to introduce myself, but I didn’t want anyone to miss this plea for support. It is the primary reason for setting up this website*. Sure, I want people to see my work, but when I really think about the purpose of this site I have to attempt the impossible which is to be realistic. I need to find a person, some people, or many people who are willing to, and of course able to, fund my life as an artist for a period of time that could be anywhere from six months to three years. I have, maybe, put too much thought into this as I don’t have one simple plan. I have many plans. Some are simple and some are extremely complicated. I should also add, before I go further, that while I have great confidence in my potential to create meaningful work, I have no confidence in my ability to sell myself. That being the case I am not going to try. What I mean is that  I am not going to blow smoke up your ass because it is not something I could do if I wanted to. I can not tell you what you want to hear as I have no idea what that would be. For now, you’ll just need to trust me when I state that I am not a normal person. I don’t think like most people, I am overly empathetic, and I think it's important that you know at least that for now. The rest I’ll cover in blog posts.


Basically, I am an artist who deals in and around reality but in a way can not conceive of it. I often think I would make a much better fictitious character than a real man who really needs your help in order to fulfill a dream- his dream- that is simply to feel the joy of being alive.


I know this is a lot for an introduction. I will most likely get rid of this once I get my blog going, as well as my social media presence. I have placed a Pay Pal button below this just in case there are a few generous people who wish to send me something. Please, feel free to send as much as you wish. In the near future, I will have specifics in regards to my plans. Please bear with me.


I will leave you with this, and you’ll see it again. I am giving you the chance to do what only gods can do. I am giving you the ability to make a man's dreams come true, to breathe life into a lifeless body, to grant a wish.


Thank you, and there will be much more. In the meantime please look through my newest work as there is plenty of it (there is nothing wrong with the older work but I am sick of the past).


*I state that this pitch for funding is my primary reason for creating this website, but there are several secondary reasons that are just as or more important to me as a human, but being that we live in a capitalist society that does not value art or artists I must first find funding or everything else will die before it learns to walk.






Against my will, but because I owe it to myself to take a stroll down every avenue just in case a bit of good luck might be hiding out there, and I have seen lesser artist boost their careers far beyond where they should have ever reached using this venue. 

Be patient with me, I have to do all of this on my own. No guidance, no pair of hands to do the lifting when mine get tired. I'll figure out the best way to do this eventually.

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