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These are images of dreams in reality. These are ghosts from distant realms frozen. Trapped by a man who is stuck where he does not belong. 

"When you

are an artist 

you are a healer."


   -Rachel Naomi Ramen MD

“I’ve lived to bury my desires, 

and see my dreams corrode with rust: 

now all that’s left are fruitless fires, 

that burn my empty heart to dust.”


                                                                –Alexander Pushkin

"Look for me in 

the whirlwind of the storm."


    -Marcus Garvey

These are images of dreams in reality. These are ghosts from distant realms frozen. Trapped by a man who is stuck where he does not belong. 


While this website can serve multiple purposes what I hope to accomplish with these collections of images and the ones that will follow, is to convince one of you or a million or more to support me in my quest to escape [my hell] if only for a moment. Long enough for me to move my feet across different lands capturing those elusive moments that change our minds and mold our dreams. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born a prince, but the bright side is that only a man as meager as me could spot in this realm what others need to see. The miasma, the chaos,  the ignorance, when they cease for seconds, in-between sleep the essence that I can free. Order and chaos, those common threads that hold us together, sit like a family. The mundane dance with the fantastic. There are no special occasions or celebrities. Just average people on a normal day. Maybe, one second I am looking for something specific? Maybe, the next moment I am obsessed with order and structure? In any given instance I may not know exactly what I am trying to accomplish, but something pushes me onward effortlessly.

These photos were taken in Las Vegas, but that is by chance. Las Vegas just happens to be where I live right now. I am an artist in America which ensures my being too poor to concentrate wholly on my art. It means I lack funding for those tools that would allow me to do my best work, and that I constantly crave fresh subjects in strange streets to stimulate my senses but must do without. My fight with stagnation is constant, and in some measure, these images are me trying to make sense out of this being stuck in a city that is less than ideal, or that has at least grown stale. However, I can not stress this enough, every image on its own- when taken out of the context as a whole- can say something completely different than the last, and I hope that the viewer spends more time contemplating what the image says/means to them, and little to no time wondering what my intentions might have been. I can say that as a body of work one way to take them in is to see the entire image, the full-frame with nothing as a focal point and just as a solitary object that was plucked from the infinite span of all that was and will ever be. So, you know, there is that.

I know that these are not the photos that will change the world. For that, I need to travel. I need to see the world. The only way I can create a body of work that speaks to the whole of humanity (which is one goal, and in my opinion, needs to be the next project I complete for reasons I will make clear HERE* )is to experience and observe as much of this planet as possible, and more specifically those cities of the world that are the centers of art, education, science, culture, and history in their regions. 

Quixotically yours, 

Daniel Mollohan




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