October 2020

These images, captured from our shared reality, illustrate how chaotic and destructive forces can be manipulated to become passive reminders of order and beauty; an affirmation of our potential for positive change.

This is my attempt to break these illusions of superiority and inferiority, these prejudices like racism, classism, and sexism by capturing scenes with an unlikely beauty from everyday existence. Photos that clearly illustrate what should be impossible; the transformation of chaos to order.


These photos are the beginning of something new while we all are experiencing something new.  This work will bring to light what we should all understand as truth. If a meager man like me can discover order and capture unique beauty from the commonplace and chaotic only by the virtue of his hard work and dedication then, those who are born into privilege, those who are blessed with exceeding talent and intelligence, and those who can naturally lead and inspire must have the ability to reverse the wrongs of this world.


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